digitally printed tea towels - digital textiles

Traditionally, textiles were produced using Screen Printing. Over the years we’ve seen many amazing examples using this method. However, new technology is available and things move on. Digital textile printing has now been around for more than 15 years. Over this time it has developed and improved greatly. This now allows us to offer high quality digital printing to our customers.

We are able to offer high quality digital textiles for a great price, with no restriction on the number of colours or quantity. We can digitally print a range of products including Tea Towels, Bags, Aprons, Cushion Covers and more!

Digital Printing also allows us to offer full colour Pre-Production Samples. In addition to this we can produce short print runs, which allows you to trial new ideas and ideas. There’s no Set Up costs or Screen Charges for digital printing.

We have a range of different material options we can use for Digital Printing. This includes our special material that reproduces vibrant colours. This Optimal material is perfect for colourful designs and also photographs.

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